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Pretentious, Moi? – Pretentious, Moi?


Country : England

Label : Self-Released

Genre : Gothic Rock

Release Date : 2010

Tim Chandler [vocals/keyboard/guitar/bass]
Rachel Iden [vocals]
Matt Helm [back vocals/keyboard/guitar/bass]
Gordon Young [keyboard/guitar/bass]
Christian Tonkin [guitar]
Better Late than Never
The Garden
The Haunting
Faith and Reason Part Company
Chase is On
Sense in Segments
Now and Again
Living Dead and Undecided
One Last Wish

The Word : HOPE

There I was, sitting at the back of my favorite Goth club, enjoying the music in the obscure light lavished by the colored spots. My mind, however, was far from being at rest. I was relentlessly and carefully studying the playlist, attentive to every single song, every texture of voice, every beat. When suddenly something different came on. Not EBM. No. Not Cold Wave, nor Depeche Mode. What was that? I had to know. I went to the Music Master to ask what was this strange musicality.

Pretentious, Moi?, said he. Pretentious, what? What a strange name for a band. But well, I won’t say I was not proud that half of the name was French. But that would not be enough, as my curiosity was aroused. So the quest began. Information I sought for, as Internet was my friend. Until finally, I heard a mystical voice whispering.

“The restless souls are out tonight …”

That is how the haunting begins. For Pretentious, Moi? creates haunting music. No wonder they made a song called “The Haunting”. The sound sharply raises up through your core self, and before you can understand what happens, magic particles penetrate your soul and never let it go, obsessively haunting your mind.

For obsessive is the word. Pretentious, Moi? plays some kind of modern Goth Rock, with something definitely hopeful and bright. The voice is deep, the atmosphere always strangely rising. The songs are purely amazing, bringing something fresh and never heard before, mixing elements of Dark Wave, Electronic and… Magic. There would be no other explanation for the composition of a song like “The Garden”, the truly most stunning song of this album. This song is pure condensed magic that shakes your brain and brings you back to life. The lyrics are brilliant, a hymn to life and decision making “Wake up, Wake up, Your world is just an illusion”. I was talking about Magic; tracks like “The Witchhouse” will not make me lie. Song after song you will feel overwhelmed by the dark addictive magic, as the spell keeps getting stronger.

Pretentious, Moi? released this eponym album in 2010, and I have to admit I have rarely seen such a strong personality in debut albums. They bring guitar to the synth, dark voice to the beat, all this is not new; but eventually they sound like no other. Their songs would be those of the Elvish Goths if ever they were some. Goth music that gives hope.