Virgin Steele – The House of Atreus Part I


Country : USA

Label : T&T Records

Genre : Metal

Release Date : 1999

David Defeis [vocals/keyboard]
Edward Pursino [guitar]
Joshua Block [guitar/bass]
Frank Gilchriest[drums]
Kingdom of the Fearless (the Destruction of Troy)

Blaze of Victory (the Watchman’s Song)

Through the Ring of Fire

Prelude in A Minor (The Voyage Home)

Death Darkly Closed their Eyes (The Messenger’s Song)

In Triumph or Tragedy

Return of the King

Flames of the Black Star (the Arrows of Herakles)


And Hecate Smiled

A Song of Prophecy (Piano Solo)

Child of Desolation

G Minor Invention (Descent into Death’s Twilight Kingdom)

Day of Wrath

Great Sword of Flame

The Gift of Tantalos

Iphigenia in Hades

The Fire God

Garden of Lamentation

Agony and Shame

Gate of Kings

Via Sacra


Upon the fields of epicness, they are many to stand. But if there should be only one…

I met Virgin Steele pretty randomly. I first saw them in a magazine. The name attracted my attention. Virgin Steele. That guy might have been either a great fan of Iron Maiden or a hater for they took the name before him. Then I had been told that the guy was singing like Manowar’s singer. Better and better… So that man, David DeFeis, was neither original in his band name nor in his voice style. Sad story. Bad luck for him, I would probably never had listened to Virgin Steele.

That was the moment when I went to the Metal shop. And I saw this pretty awesome cover, Greek Antiquity inspired, full of ancient energy: The House of Atreus, Act I. Damn it, it was Virgin Steele. So I was about to leave it there. But then before leaving the shop, my eyes got attracted again, by the power of the cover. That’s how this CD left the shop.

Then I met Virgin Steele. Brutally. The war horses’ hooves were beating the ground and raising dust, the urge to kill was growing loud and the swords were screaming in the wind.

Hum. So yeah I put the CD on. And Epicness flowed out from the player, filling every centimeter around me. Everything was so highly epic. Then came the voice. Yes, that sounded like Manowar. Manowar who would have opened history books and started to make awesomely well written songs about antiquity wars. The voice was indeed vaguely similar, but that is something you forget while the songs go.

It is a very long album made of twenty-two tracks, but not all of them are proper songs, sometimes instrumental, sometimes only atmospheric or just a couple of words that get you even deeper in the ambiance. As soon as starts the third song, You sink with no possibility of return from the Virgin Steele.

“Through the Ring of Fire”. The fire around and within you, the fire of life, of energy, the energy to fight. This fire, as the song, raises continuously until explosion, and your heart burns down and is born again. The ring of fire is the point of no return. And you are alive again. And you will live every second of the album like an adventure. You will hail the “Flames of the Black Star”, you will cry the “Child of Desolation”, and you will freeze, stunned, staring at the “Gate of Kings”, just before going home.

It is one trip that you will remember. A trip through time, thanks to great lyrics, a wonderfully well written epic music and a truly strong, sensitive and amazing voice. David Defeis is one of kind. And you will deeply feel it when you will choke of emotion listening to this album for the first time.


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